Top Canada Betting Sites 

Online sports betting is available in Canada though there are restrictions on sports betting websites.Many Canada betting sites offer a variety of sports to bet on, including American Football and ice hockey. Enjoy daily sporting events, in-play wagers, and parlays at top Canada betting sites 

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Best Betting Sites in Canada

Diving into the world of online sports betting in Canada offers a thrilling experience, especially in a country with a rich gambling history and a legal environment that warmly embraces sports wagering. This guide aims to provide a detailed overview of sports betting in Canada, covering essential aspects such as the history, legal landscape, top betting sites, and the nuances of placing bets online.

History of Sports Betting in Canada

Sports betting in Canada has evolved significantly over the years. The turning point came with the introduction of Bill C-218 in August 2021, which legalized single-event betting across the nation. This opened up a new era for punters, allowing them to engage in a wide range of betting activities with both local and international operators.

Main Gambling Laws in Canada

  • Bill C-290: Aimed to permit single sports game bets, it faced rejection but laid the groundwork for future legislation.
  • Bill C-218: Officially sanctioned single-event sports betting across all provinces and territories from June 2021, marking a significant liberalization of the Canadian sports betting market.
  • Criminal Codes 201, 202, 206, and 209: These laws outline the penalties for engaging in illegal gambling activities and fraud within the Canadian betting landscape.

How to Bet on Sport in Canada Online

  1. Find a Trusted Sports Betting Site: Explore reputable Canadian or international betting platforms.
  2. Get Your Welcome Bonus: Take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered to new bettors.
  3. Find the Event to Bet on: Navigate to the sports section and select your desired event.
  4. Check the Odds: Evaluate the odds for better winnings.
  5. Place Your Bet: Finalize your bet based on your analysis and preferences.

Popular Sports Types for Online Betting in Canada

Canada’s favorite sports for betting include hockey, football/soccer, basketball, UFC, and horse racing, reflecting the nation’s diverse sporting culture.

Bonuses and Promotions for Online Betting in Canada

Canadian betting sites offer a variety of bonuses and promotions, from welcome offers to free bets, enhancing the betting experience for punters.

Popular Payment Methods in Canada

Preferred payment methods among Canadian bettors include Skrill, PaysafeCard, Neteller, and Interac, providing convenient and secure transaction options.

Key Takeaways for Canadian Bettors

Aspect Details
Legal Status Betting is legal across Canada, with nuances in provincial regulations.
Popular Sports Hockey, soccer, basketball, UFC, horse racing.
Betting Platforms Both Canadian and international sites offer extensive betting options.
Bonuses Wide range of promotions and welcome offers available.

How We Review Canada Betting Sites

Our review process focuses on factors such as licensing, security, user experience, betting markets, odds quality, bonuses, payment methods, and customer support to recommend the best Canadian betting sites.

Live Betting in Canada

Live betting has gained popularity for its dynamic and immersive experience, allowing punters to place bets on ongoing sporting events.

Mobile Betting Popularity

With the rise of mobile technology, betting apps have become a favorite among Canadian punters, offering the convenience of betting on the go.

By following this comprehensive guide, Canadian sports enthusiasts can navigate the online betting landscape confidently, enjoying a safe and rewarding betting experience across a variety of sports and events. Remember, responsible gambling practices are key to a sustainable and enjoyable betting journey.

Top Features of Live Betting in Canada

Live betting transforms the sports wagering experience by allowing bets to be placed as the action unfolds. Here’s a table summarizing the key features to look for in live betting platforms in Canada:

Feature Importance
Real-Time Odds Updates Essential for informed betting decisions, reflecting the current state of play.
Variety of Live Markets Offers punters more opportunities to find value, including next goal scorer, total corners, etc.
Live Streaming Allows bettors to watch games live directly through the betting site, enhancing engagement.
Quick Bet Placement Enables bettors to place bets quickly, crucial for taking advantage of shifting odds.
Cash-Out Option Provides the ability to settle bets before the event concludes, securing profits or cutting losses.

This table highlights features that enrich the live betting experience, offering dynamic and engaging ways to participate in sports betting.

Advantages of Using Betting Apps in Canada

Mobile betting apps have revolutionized the way punters engage with sports betting, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Here’s what makes betting apps stand out:

Advantage Description
Convenience Bet anytime, anywhere, right from your smartphone.
Integrated Features Access live betting, cash-out, and streaming services all in one place.
Personalized Alerts Receive notifications about your bets, favourite sports, and exclusive promotions.
Secure Transactions Perform deposits and withdrawals safely and conveniently through the app.
Live Match Tracking Follow the game’s progress with live updates and statistics directly through the app.

This table illustrates the benefits of mobile betting apps, highlighting why they are a popular choice among Canadian punters for their sports betting activities.

By leveraging these insights into live betting features and the benefits of using betting apps, Canadian bettors can enhance their online sports betting experience, making it more engaging, convenient, and informed. Remember to always engage in betting responsibly and within the legal framework of your province or territory.

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Bonuses from Canada Betting Sites

Like most countries, Canada betting sites try to offer the best bonuses and promotions. Canada betting sites offer various bonuses and promotions to encourage users to continue playing, creating a competitive environment to offer the best deals. From welcome bonuses to loyalty rewards, Canada betting sites have something for everyone. Don’t miss out on these offers – they can be very valuable to punters looking to maximise winnings. 

Whether you’re into sports or casino games, Canada betting sites have a variety of welcome bonuses to offer. Enjoy free bets or free spins on selected games as a welcome gift from bookmakers. From casino to the sportsbook there are different bonuses for different games, there’s something for everyone. 

Canada betting sites offer a variety of constantly changing bonuses to existing players, from increased odds to free spins on selected games. With different bonuses for sports and casino games, there’s something for all types of bettors. The changing nature of these bonuses keeps players engaged and coming back for more. Don’t miss out on these exclusive offers – these promotions can often have time restrictions. 

Betting Features with Canada Betting Sites

Canada betting sites are some of the best in the world, and they are committed to providing you with the best possible service, with the latest features available. These include 

Live Betting 

Customers can place additional wagers with Cananda betting sites on an event that has already begun through live betting. In contrast to traditional betting, which must be completed prior to the start of an event and uses odds that were calculated using statistics rather than the game in question, real-time betting allows players to make decisions based on what is happening in the game and play with constantly-changing odds, which increases the likelihood that they will win. 


Live Streaming 

Another fantastic feature from Canada betting sites is live streaming, which enables spectators to view an event as it is happening. The ability to view a live stream of an event is now widely available on betting websites, which can be particularly fascinating for events that aren’t televised locally and are otherwise unavailable to bettors. The majority of websites require a tiny minimum bet before users can access this service, so it shouldn’t be seen as a deterrent for people who would have put a wager regardless. 


Bet builder

By using this tool, bettors can aggregate multiple wagers on the same event for better odds than placing multiple separate wagers. The bettor gains even more money if every wager wins. Customers can develop their own bet builder on most websites by selecting from a list of accepted wagers and adding as many additional wagers as they like with Canada betting sites


Cash-out is another great feature that reduces the chances of punters losing a bet. If the punter thinks they are going to lose a bet; they can opt to withdraw from a bet before the event finishes. The winnings are calculated using the odds at the time of withdrawal, regardless of the final outcome. It should be noted that this is not a method of withdrawing funds from the site into your bank account, but is a method of exiting a bet early. Some Canada betting sites also offer partial cash out options, or even automatic cashouts so that as soon as odds hit a certain point, the bet will be withdrawn. 

Sports to bet on in Canada  

NHL – The NHL is the biggest mainstream American sports league in Canada, featuring 7 Canadian teams now playing in the league it certainly has a huge following.  

NBA – The Toronto Raptors are the most recent successful Canadian NBA team, winning 2019 NBA title against Golden State Warriors and showed that Canadian basketball is serious. As such, the NBA has a serious following in Canada, and some top talent emerging in teams throughout the league.  

NFL – As the biggest American sports league, the NFL also has a huge following in Canada. A long history of sporting excellence has created a large number of sports fans North of the border.  

CFL – The CFL is the Canadian version of the NFL featuring teams like the Toronto Argonauts and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who compete for the Grey Cup. The league is growing and with that, the fanbase is growing. bookmakers haven’t ignored this and are starting to improve the range of betting markets and odds available for weekly games.  

UFC –Dana White’s UFC is now up there with Boxing when it comes to combat sports and betting. With stars like George-Saint Pierre becoming UFC icons, it makes it a popular market in Canada.  

Formula 1 – The Canadian Grand Prix has really cemented the sport in Canadian culture, which is something the Canada betting sites have recognized and now offer a great range of betting markets.  

Horse Racing – Horse racing is popular across the globe. Whether you’re in Canada or the States, it’s all the same. Some great markets are available from Canada betting sites.

Curling – A sport that is highly popular in Scandanavia, Scotland and Canada, with some of the major tournaments taking place here. Canada betting sites  offer some great betting lines for Curling.  

Popular Markets in Canada  

Each sports betting market will have a variety of betting options, with some of the more exotic prop bets available throughout the year. The staple bets that a player will find for any sports market are as follows:  


A Moneyline bet is the most common bet and easiest to wager with. A Moneyline bet simply means betting on a team or individual to win.  


Over/Under bets are designed to allow players to wager on the outcome of the score or a figure in a particular game. For example, you might wager on the SuperBowl on Over 38.5 points, which means in order for the bet to payout the combined score of both teams must be 39 or more.  


Spread betting is also very common and involves who wins and by how much. A bettor will wager on a value within the game, which could be a score, to see if the team or individual reaches that goal.  


A futures bet is placed on the outcome of a series, season or championship rather than what happens in an individual match. E.g. you can make a futures bet on the Super Bowl champion anytime during the season, and each team’s odds will reflect their performance and ranking.  


NHL’s version of MLB’s runlines, which level the playing field by giving the underdog (typically) a 1.5 goal head start.  

Prop bets  

Prop bets, or proposition bets, are made regarding events which are not directly connected to the final outcome of the event. For example, the first point scorer in the Superbowl. 

Popular payment methods in Canada 

It’s crucial to choose an easy payment method in advance whenever you intend to wager on sporting events. Remember that the speed of transactions, as well as potential costs or their absence, can frequently be determined by the payment method you choose. All reputable bookies in Canada are able to accept payments from their customers via bank transfers, credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and even cryptocurrency. Let’s examine the most often used payment options on Canadian sports betting websites. 


was founded in 2001 and today provides customers in 131 nations with online payment services. If you choose to use Skrill as your preferred form of payment on sports betting sites, you may deposit money and get your money back in 40 different currencies using the handy Skrill mobile app. 


was founded in 2000 and is one of the largest payment companies in the world. The system is based on a PIN code that is 16 digits long and is unrelated to your bank account or any other financial data. Additionally, the business permits gamblers and sports bettors to deposit money in cash. 


is an electronic money transfer business that was founded in 1999. Neteller’s ease of use and high level of security make it possible for bettors to deposit and withdraw money from bookmaker websites without difficulty from other countries. 


is a regional interbank system in Canada that was started in 1984. It is currently utilized by the majority of Canadian sports betting websites. The safety of this tried-and-true payment method is one of its main features. However, pay attention to fees because Interac could charge a fee for specific kinds of transactions made through sports betting platforms. 

Canadian Betting Sites FAQs

Of course! In Canada, there is no scarcity of online bookmakers. We've done all the legwork for you, saving you from having to spend hours looking up and comparing websites. Simply sign up for one of our suggested betting sites, fund your account, and start betting on your preferred sports.
Absolutely! The top Canadian betting sites reward new users for joining up by giving them free bets. Free bet bonuses are a fantastic justification for exploring new betting sites. Without making a deposit, you can wager on the sports you love, and free bet winners are paid out in cash so you can use them to place more wagers.
Hockey is a popular sport for Canadians to wager on, whether it's individual NHL games or who will ultimately win the Stanley Cup. Canadian punters also enjoy watching the CFL and NFL. You might be surprised by how many bettors wager on lacrosse and curling, as well as how much action there is on basketball and mixed martial arts.
No, winning bettors are not subject to taxes. However, if gamblers do so professionally and report regular, sizable profits, they may be subject to taxation.