Cricket Betting

When you bet on cricket online, it’s all about strategy, intelligent guesses, and informed decisions. It’s a calculated risk, especially if you are familiar with the game, comprehend the odds offered by cricket betting sites, and take advantage of online promotions. 

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Cricket betting: The Most Popular Cricket Tournaments 

There are a lot of quality cricket tournaments out there with the pinnacle arguably being now the ICC Cricket World Cu, began in 1975, and since then only six teams have ever won the competition, only six teams have ever won, making it one of the most coveted prizes in the sporting world. 

If you’re a casual fan in England or Australia, The Ashes Series and you’re asked to name one big cricket event, there’s a good chance The Ashes is the first one that comes to mind. This century-plus feud has, for many, defined Test cricket for both nations, and rarely provides anything less than some of the most amazing sporting action for days on end. 

The Indian Premier League is becoming ever more popular since it1s creation in 2007 

Other Popular Cricket Tournaments include the Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League and the The Hundred – The newest form of the game was brought into fruition in the 2021 season b in a massive shake-up regarding the rules and regulations of the sport. 


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Important factors when considering a cricket betting site include 

Cricket betting Bonuses & Promotions 

Make sure you shop around. You may receive a free bet simply for registering, a match bonus for making your first deposit, or a combination of both. The rewards continue long after you sign up, with loyalty schemes and reload bonuses to take advantage of.  

Cricket betting Live Betting Markets 

Cricket betting is a fast-moving sport.  The star batsman may get bowled . Our top-rated cricket betting sites give you an opportunity to capitalise on such moments by offering a diverse range of in-play markets that cover all possibilities. 

Cricket Betting Odds 

The odds for a cricket match can change as quickly as a batsman swings his bat. We only give our seal of approval to betting sites that offer competitive odds both pre-match and in-play. Why accept odds of 1.35 when you can get 1.55 elsewhere? Bet with our recommended bookies to maximise your winnings. 

Quick Deposits and Withdrawals  

For a seamless betting experience, look for top betting sites that offer a wide range of payment options beyond debit card banking, such as e-wallet methods like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Opt for betting sites that also allow methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay for even greater convenience.  

Quick withdrawals are also a must and some bookies now return the funds within the same day of the customer requesting their money. 

Cricket Betting Strategy

Brand new to betting on cricket or are you a seasoned veteran with 1000s of innings under your belt? There’s always room for improvement. We’ve created an entire guide to cricket betting so you can develop a cricket betting strategy. Here, you can learn new things about the most popular cricket betting markets or brush up on your Ashes winners, top batters, or best wicket takers. 

The Most Popular Cricket Bets

Cricket betting: Match Betting 

Match betting is often the most popular market in any sport, and it is no different in cricket. This is a straightforward bet as you only have to pick from three different outcomes. You simply select if you think that the home team will win, the away team will win, or if the match will end in a draw. This market is on all cricket formats, Twenty-20 (T20), One Day International (ODI), Test and tournaments such as the Ashes or World Cups. 

Cricket betting: Completed Match

A strange market in sports standards is the Completed Match market. For one day matches, you can place a bet on if you think that the game will be finished that day or not. The weather and other factors can play a huge part in determining whether the match can go ahead, so you might consider placing a bet that the match will not be completed. For this wager, you simply bet yes or no if the game will be finished on the day that it is scheduled. 

Cricket betting: Tied Match

Another straightforward cricket match bet is the tied match wager. This is effectively betting on a draw result. For this wager, you simply bet yes or no if you think that the match will end in a tie. If you select correctly, then you’ll win your wager. 

Cricket betting: Innings Runs

Think you can correctly predict the number of runs that will be scored in the first innings of the match? In most sportsbooks, this bet is usually an over/under wager. In this case, the sportsbook will post a number of runs and then you wager if you think that the actual number of runs scored will be over or under the number offered by the bookmaker. 

Cricket betting:Top Bowler

If you, perhaps, like the look of the Australian bowlers, you might consider a top bowler bet. Here, you’ll select the player that you believe will take the most wickets during a match or series. It’s up to you to select which player you think will take a few wickets. If you’re able to pick correctly, you’ll be rewarded with decent odds from the sportsbook. 

Cricket betting: Top Batsman

Similar to the Top Bowler bet, Top Batsman involves picking a specific player. For this wager, you’ll need to select which player that you think will score the most goals during a match or series. You can pick from any player on either team. Since this wager is more difficult to predict than just picking which team will win correctly, it often has higher odds and prices offered by the bookies. 

Cricket betting: Team of Top Batsman

Instead of selecting the correct individual batsman, you can make it slightly easier by selecting just the team instead of individual player. With the team of top batsman bet, you just have to decide which team you think the top batsman will come from. Since there are only two options to select from , your odds of winning this bet are much higher and therefore lower prices are offered. 

Cricket betting: Bowler Match Bets

If you’re looking for an easier version of the top bowler wager, check out the bowler match bets. With these wagers, the bookmaker will offer you two players who go head-to-head, you just have to pick one of the two players. Australian bowlers vs England’s attack in the ashes, the pinnacle of bowling. You’ll be deciding which of those two players will take the most wickets in the match or series.  

Cricket betting: Batsman Match Bets

Just like the bowler match bet, batsman match bets make it a bit easier to participate in the top batsman wagers. Again, you’ll be given two players to choose from. Just select the player that you think will score the most runs during the game to place this type of wager. Pit two opening batsmen up against each other, or think an all-rounder is going to have a good innings? Odds can vary in this market and money is there to be made. 

Cricket betting: Tournament Outright Winner

If you’re looking to wager on a cricket tournament, one of the wagers that you can place is on the outright winner of that tournament. Here, you’ll need to select which team you think will rise above all of the others to win the tournament. When you go to place the wager, the sportsbook will list the associated lines for all of the teams in the tournament. Just select the team that you think will win it all and hope for the best. 

Cricket betting: Series Winner

If you’re not familiar with watching or betting on cricket, you might not be aware that it is very common for two teams to enter into a series of matches. Instead of just playing one game, they’ll often play multiple games in a row. With a series winner wager, you’ll be picking which of the two teams you think will come out on top at the end of the series of matches. It’s important to remember you’re picking the winner of the series, not just one individual match. 

Cricket betting: Over/Under Score

Another favourite version of a cricket wager is the over/under bet. This wager starts with the bookmaker posting a total score that they think the team will have by the end of a match or series. Your job is to decide if you believe that the team’s actual score will come in over or under that number posted by the sportsbook. 

Cricket betting: Series Score

Another way that you can bet on a cricket series is to wager on the score of the series. Here, you’ll bet on what the final overall score of the series will be. The options from the sportsbook will be around how many matches each team will win in the series. Just pick the one that you think will be the end result and wait to see if you selected correctly. 

Cricket betting: Method of Dismissal

If you’re into live betting on cricket, check out the method of dismissal wager. With this bet, you’ll decide how a batsman in the crease will end up being dismissed. Most often, you’ll be able to select from the following potential outcomes: caught, bowled, run out, LBW, stumped, or other. All that you have to do it pick the one that you think is how that player will be dismissed and then hope that you selected correctly! 

Cricket betting: Win Toss

For a cricket wager that isn’t really tied to the performance of any actual team or player, check out the win toss bet. Here, you’ll just be picking which of the two teams you think will win the coin toss at the start of the match. This can be a fun way to bet on a coin flip, literally. 

Cricket betting: Toss Combination

If the win toss wager above sounds attractive to you, then you might also like the idea of placing a toss combination bet. For this wager, you’ll start by picking which team you think will win the coin toss. However, there is a second component that you also must decide. Once you’ve selected the team that you think will win the toss, you also have to decide if you think they will opt to bowl or bat first. To win this bet, you’ll have to pick both parts of the combination correctly. 

Cricket betting: Odd/Even Runs

For this type of cricket wager, you’ll decide if you think that a team’s runs for a match will either be an odd or even number. It’s worth pointing out that a score of 0 is considered to be an even number for this bet. With only two potential outcomes for this wager, it’s a very simple wager to comprehend. 

Most Run Outs

Another uncomplicated cricket wager is the most runs out bet. Here, you’ll just need to decide which of the two teams will have the most runs out in a match or series. 

Man of the Match/Player of the Series

It’s extremely common in cricket for a single player to be tapped as the Man of the Match or the Player of a Series. With these two bets, you can select which player you think will earn the title. For the most part, these wagers are only available in major markets so you might not come across these if you’re betting on smaller market cricket matches.